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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tu Conosci Roberto Cavalli?

I’m sure many of you have heard of a little designer called Roberto Cavalli. Well, did you know that he also has his own “modest” discotequa located right in the heart of Firenze? The six of us interns who have been living it up in the Florentine nightlife since we arrived decided to venture to this modest little joint located in Piazza del Carmine. The surrounding area looked a little sketchy until we reached the front doors which were basked in a neon pink glow. We walked inside where we saw this image above that I have provided for your viewing pleasure. We decided we were going to go out a little earlier that night so we could get our fun in while still getting plenty of sleep before our quiz this morning. Did we end up getting more sleep than usual after a night out on the town? No. Did we ace our quiz? Yes. And that’s all that matters right? The ratio at this particular discotequa of males to females was approximately 5:1 which left us with quite a large selection of Italian Stallion dance partners to choose from. I’ve been feeling pretty good about my Italian skills recently since we have been in class for 4 hours every day this week. This confidence is increased after un o due bicchiere di vino, so I decided to chat it up in Italian. Unfortunately, the “Italian Stallion” I was chatting with was actually from India and could barely understand my English let alone my new found Italian skills.

We then decided to head straight to the dance floor and ended up having one of the best night in Florence so far. Drink prices at Cavalli Club ranged from about one arm to one leg, so we figured we’d stick to dancing rather than hanging at the bar. There were a couple of VIP tables around us where bartenders were bringing over flaming bottles of alcohol that you could purchase for the price of feeding a small country. One of these tables ordered so many bottles that they were unable to finish them and left without even opening one. The bartender then asked if we would like to indulge in this bottle of imported rum that was left unopened at the table. Now, I usually am not one to jump at sloppy seconds when it comes to food and drink, but this was probably a £450 bottle of rum. At the current exchange rate of 1.4, we’re talking about $630 worth of imported alcohol. Come si dice, “duh” in italiano?
Look for my next posts on the museums we are visiting over the next few days. Don’t worry, I’ve been very good about balancing my life in Florence with all the different areas of local culture. Ciao!

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