Read about my trip to Florence, Italy where between my weekend travels throughout Europe, Italian language courses, fashion marketing internship and Tuscan wine tastings on the weekends, I'm not sure if I'll ever want to return to "The States"...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Preparing for my trip across the pond...

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my Blog Space! As you may know, I am about to embark upon the excursion of a lifetime: a four month trip to the lovely Firenze, Italia. Florence, the birthplace of Italian Renaissance, is known for its fabulous Chianti wines which I can thoroughly enjoy now that my 21st birthday has recently come and gone ;) Not only will I be taking classes in marketing and the Italian language, but I will be completing a fashion marketing internship with a t.b.d. Italian designer which I am very excited for!

From Florence I will hopefully be traveling all over Europe. I want to do everything from rolling around in the "hills that are alive with the sound of music" in Austria, to potentially meeting my future yacht-owning husband while vacationing in the South of France, and everything in between. My new year's resolution is to experience Europe to its fullest and hopefully be (somewhat) fluent in Italian upon my return. Come back and visit this site if you want to keep up with my travels, as I will hopefully be updating it weekly with pictures and tales of my adventures across the pond.


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