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Friday, January 15, 2010

London Calling

Day 2 in London. Time for some real touristy adventures. Our group of 150 students is shuffled onto 3 different coach busses where our tour guide is going to show us all the major landmarks. We pretty much saw the entire city over the course of the next three hours: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace with the guards, The London Eye, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and a few highlights from the Harry Potter films such as the bridge that gets blown up in the 6th movie and Gringott’s Bank! Look forward to a thrilling Facebook photo album of purely monuments since Spinks and I aren’t in a single picture.

That night Spinks and I hit up Piccadilly Circus which is basically London’s version of Times Square where we shopped at Top Shop, Kate Moss’ store that is basically like a bigger, better, and nicer version of Forever 21. We went to dinner at a local tavern and each got the Venison Pie. My first time eating meat since my declaration to be a vegetarian back in September, and let me tell you, it was well worth it. We then tried to meet up with my friend from high school, Kate Lamberta, but again, this lack of phones thing is really starting to be an issue. We must have looked extremely American during this search because we kept getting club promoters coming up to us asking if we were looking for a place to “have a good time tonight.” One guy even tried to get our attention by saying “Hey, didn’t I meet you girls the other day? Yeah, yeah, you are the two American girls! Of course I met you, otherwise how would I know you were American?” Nice try, buddy but I think our lack of accents just may have given that one away for you. We did get asked for directions once though which was kind of exciting. Now I am getting ready for my long and peaceful 3 full hours of sleep tonight before catching an early flight to Bologna. Next time I write I’ll be at my final destination in Florence. Cheers!

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