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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ti Piace Cucinare?

Tonight we partook in what is probably the most sought after Italian secret of all time: cooking. After eating a small lunch around one, we were ready to take our cooking class at In Tavola which started at 5:30. We assumed we would be doing a little bit of cooking and then it would be like a show you see on the Food Network where the delicious meal you have created magically cooks itself and appears ready to eat as soon as you mix all the ingredients together. This unfortunately was not the case. After four and a half gruelling hours where we made ricotta and eggplant ravioli, seashell pasta with white wine tomato sauce, prociutto, pollo, e formaggio roll ups, and a delicious fruit custard cake that rivals our talented DG chef, Norm’s pref night dessert, entirely from scratch, we were able to feast upon the delicious goodness we created with a little help from our fabulous teachers, Fabrizio and Maurizio. We literally made this entire meal with nothing but flour, eggs, milk, cheese, raw meat, and fresh fruit and vegetables. Who knew you could make noodles from simply flour and water! You can imagine how famished we all were after our hard work and pretty much wolfed down this entire meal in approximately 8% of the time it took to make it. I am never eating tomato sauce out of a can again since I now know how to make it fresh in as little as five minutes. Ok, that’s probably a lie, but at least I know that I have the ability to do that if I ever desire to. Mom and Dad, I don’t know if I can promise to replicate this meal at home since we are lacking a top of the line “noodle maker” as I like to call it, but I swear that is the only reason. Buon appetito!

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  1. I think we have one of those fancy pasta machines - how about come over to our house to cook a fancy Italian meal - we have plenty of flour!