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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let's Get Lost.

The title of this blog is the theme of our trip for the next two weeks. Simona, our internship coordinator told us that probably the best way for us to go exploring the city is to close our maps and just wonder around getting lost until we are ready to come home. It started with our adventure to the discoteca last night. This particular Euro Rave club was called Yab. It only took us three times asking directions to find it. After asking for the third time we found out that the club is in fact called Yab and not Y-A-B like we thought. The clientele at Yab ranges from a plethora of American tourists, to the albino looking under-ager standing at a towering 4’9” who was clearing the dance floor with his moves, to the balding 50 year old wearing stereotypical rave clothing including a pair of neon orange Nikes. Don’t worry though, they were also plenty of good looking local Florentines to go around. The particular Italian Stallion I was chatting with didn’t even speak English and I am proud to say I was able to converse with him. Even if I was only able to ask the basics such as his name, how old he was, and where he was from, I was still very pleased with myself. Once my ears stop ringing from the Euro-techno beats we were jamming to all night I’m sure I will be frequenting this club quite often.

One of the interns, Marissa, and I decided to take Simona’s advice even more literally today and went for a run to see more of the city. Even though the concierge laughed at us when we told him what we were doing and we got a few locals pointing and snickering “turistica” at us, it was well worth it. Apparently Italians don’t really work out. I don’t know how they all aren’t 300 pounds if the feast we ate last night was any indication of how they normally dine but hopefully I will soon learn their secret and share it with you. We found an excellent path to run on along the river which I am so excited about! We even found our way back without needing a map. So much for getting lost. Our view was beautiful and the weather was perfect for a jog. I’m so glad I found a place to get some exercise while enjoying the beautiful city I am calling home until May.

After dinner tonight we all got gelato for the first time since arriving in Italia. Oh. My. God. Delicioso! Next time you are in a “gelataria” try the hazelnut. You won’t regret it. I consider ice cream to be my favorite food at home so now I am officially in heaven. Every single item of food I have tried since I’ve been here has been amazing. Everything from the cheeses and pastas at dinner last night to the banana yogurt I had for breakfast in my hotel. Yes, even though yogurt is something to rave about.

First day of class tomorrow! Wish me luck by saying “En boca lupa!”

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