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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wine Tasting

Tonight Laura and I went to a wine tasting class through our school. It was a five euro refundable deposit which means as long as you show up to the class you get your money back. Free wine? Do you really have to ask?

My whole life I have grown up around red wine since my mother loves it but I always thought it was gross. I just started liking white wine when I came to college, and by white wine I mean Franzia. Since being in Italy though, I have actually started to love it. The class was so interesting because he taught us about the different regions and what makes each one special. I have posted a Tuscan wine map here if you want to check it out. He also told us why people do all the things they do when they get bottles of wine to test them such as spinning your glass and holding it up to a white background. Here I was thinking that all the customers of the restaurants I’ve served at were just being pompous and obnoxious (which I think some of them still are) but now I know you can actually tell a lot about a wine just from the color. By the way, my Microsoft word just tried to correct the way I spelled color to colour and it keeps changing my dates to the European way with the day before the month. Weird that my computer knows I am in Italy because it’s not like I have internet here...

Anyway, basically the wine class was a huge success and now I can enjoy red wine with my mother when I go home. Parents, if you are lucky, I may even bring home a couple of Tuscan bottles for you to enjoy.

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