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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

High School Reunion

My friend, Kate, from high school is studying in London this semester and unfortunately we were unable to meet up while I was there. Luckily she came to Florence this week. My other friend Danielle, who went to Viator and goes to Wisconsin with me, is also here in Florence so the three of us went out to dinner together at this restaurant called The Golden View. The name doesn’t lie because the restaurant is right on the Arno river which runs through the center of Florence. Our server was loving the three smiling American girls so he treated us very well. He immediately brought us aperitivo which is a traditional Italian pre-dinner sparkling white wine. We ordered a bottle of white wine for the table and he surprised with a second bottle for free since he thought we were “strong enough” for it. At the end of the dinner he then brought us limoncello which is a super sweet lemon alcohol which is supposed to help you digest the meal. I have no idea how that is supposed to work but it tasted like it was a straight shot.

The picture I am going to post as soon as either Kate or Danielle put it on Facebook is the three of us with our waiter, Alessandro. When Kate and I went to the bathroom he gave Danielle a note that said “Will you go on a date with me?” and then she was supposed to check the box for either yes, no or maybe. How suave.

We had a lot of fun just sitting and talking about high school and it made me feel really old but it was nice to catch up like that in a foreign country. Every little piece of home I can get here is treasured. It’s weird but a lot of Florence license plates start with CW and those are both my dad and brother’s initials so it always reminds me of my family. By the way, that was your not so subtle hint to come visit. Felice Martedi Grasso!

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