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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fare Shopping

Fare shopping literally means to go shopping in Italian. Who knew that shopping was a universal word? Today for my Fashion Marketing and Merchandising class we literally did nothing but window shop for an hour and a half. Obviously I was thoroughly enjoying our breakdown of Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Ferragamo’s window displays. Unfortunately it only made me sad that I was unable to afford their new spring collections but it was still nice to look at. Spinks and I are going to the outlet mall tomorrow though so hopefully we can find a little something for ourselves within a reasonable price range. However, I did receive 200 euro cash the other day from school for applying to my program early. I totally forgot that I was gong to receive that so it was quite a pleasant surprise. I am going to put it towards an extra trip to some wonderful European destination of whatever my little heart desires.

Other than that, this week hasn’t been too exciting. I am in love with my job though. It’s so great to be getting some real world business experience and I am honestly thinking about applying for jobs in Europe for after graduation. I can move to the lake George Clooney lives at in Italy and “bump into him” all around town and impress him with my newly acquired Italian language skills. Sounds like a plan.

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