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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Made in Italy

Once again, its Sunday morning in Florence. Since Spinks and I missed going to church at the Duomo like we had planned, we decided we still needed to experience some Florentine culture since it was absolutely beautiful outside. We headed over to the San Lorenzo market which, conveniently enough, is located on our street. We set out in search of some authentic Fiorentina scarves to wear to the soccer game we will be attending this evening but ended up making a rather large impulse purchase instead.

San Lorenzo market is supposedly one of the best places to buy leather jackets in Florence. Even though we were unaware of this fact, we stumbled upon this spitfire old woman who hooked us up with some mighty fine leather wear. Italians are known for having no problem being very touchy feely and I can attest to this fact after she figured out my size solely by touching different parts of my body. After commenting on our figures by telling me I should be very proud to be “full figured” in both my top and bottom (thank you, Mother) and Spinks that she is definitely not one of the one in 5,000 people that is perfectly proportionate since her shoulders and waistline are about four sizes apart, we both walked out with our brand new, beautiful leather jackets. We actually ended up getting the same one which if funny because we have completely different body types but mine is brown so as not to contrast my lighter features and hers is black which works with her dark hair and eyes. This is all what she told us so hopefully she knows what she’s talking about because we spent what could have been next month’s groceries on them.

After donning our new Euro style jackets, we met up with our roommates and headed over to The National Italian Chocolate Festival. Basically we walked around this huge tent with all these different chocolate vendors and sampled whatever we could get our hands on. The picture you see here is me chowing down on some delicious chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) while modelling my new coat of course.
Tonight is going to be a long night with lots of athletic events to look forward to. Help me cheer on Florence’s soccer team by yelling, “Forza Fiorentina!”

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