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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Faccio un Stage

Stage is the French word for internship that they use in Italy, pronounced “stahj.” I thought it was an appropriate title for this blog because I am now officially a working woman, in Italy. This is unbelievable. I’m working for Laura Gucci. Yes, Gucci, as in the famous designer’s ex-wife. She is the number one rated female entrepreneur in the world and my desk is about four feet away from her. Her latest project is heading the FCEM which is a French acronym that basically translates to World Association of Female Entrepreneurs. The FCEM is having a huge conference in Florence this October and basically my job is to help plan and promote this big event. I’m working on translating press releases from Italian to English (with a little help from and I even get to put my own little spin on them.

My other big project is to put together an excel list of all the contact information for the women that will be attending this event. She literally handed me a cutout from Forbes magazine listing the top 10 most influential business women in the world and told me to find all their email addresses. She even scribbled a few names on the bottom of the sheet to add to the list, one of which was Hillary Clinton. It’s not like I can exactly look up Hil’s number in my personal address book so I’m thinking this project is going to take me awhile. Maybe they will fly me in for the event after this internship so I can meet all these amazing women! I’m so excited about this job and I’m sure it is going to be an amazing experience. I’m off to bed now because I am absolutely exhausted because the last few days all we do is run errands, take classes, intern, eat big Italian dinners and of course still fit in time to enjoy Florence’s nightlife. Buona notta….

Check out the website for the company at and click on the British flag on the top right corner to translate the page to English.

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