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Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't Jew Know?

Sunday, our last day in Venice, I went with my Jewish friends to visit the Jewish ghetto of Venice for some matzoball soup. We walked around the ENTIRE city to get there but it was worth it because the food was amazing! I grew up eating matzoball soup every Sunday at Buffalo Grove Diner after Church with my family which is ironic because I had no idea that it was a Jewish tradition until I came to college. This soup definitely met my expectations from my childhood memories. I also got to try latkes and applesauce which were outrageously good. Shout out to Kelsey, my fellow Christian friend in DG. We definitely need to continue our mission to become Jews one day if not solely for the food.

When we got back “home” to Florence Sunday night, Laura and I ventured to an American diner to get our fill of American food before going to an American bar for a very American tradition: March Madness. We showed up at the bar wearing converse and Wisconsin hoodies to support our team and ended up sitting with the four other people there to cheer on the Badgers. Unfortunately, Wisconsin had an embarrassing defeat to my parents’ alma mater, Cornell. I haven’t had a chance to discuss this incident with them yet and I am avoiding it at all costs. I've posted a picture here to reminisce about the season. Better luck next year, Badgers.

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